Hi-Point Moderately Active Dry Dog Food

Hi-Point Moderately Active Dry Dog Food in red and white bagHi-Point Moderately Active Dry Dog Food is made with chicken and pork for added digestibility and is a bite-size kibble for all breeds.


  • Chicken and pork for added digestibility
  • Essential vitamins and minerals
  • Weight management formula
  • Bite-size kibble for all breeds
  • Balanced blend of 21% protein, 10% fat

Hi Point Pet Food is your highly experienced pet food company of choice. Your pet food will be made from real food ingredients. To ensure this, the food that you get from us is sourced directly from real farmers! With over 100 years of experience, you can count on Hi Point Pet Food to know how to produce your great pet food!

Stop in to Arcola Feed located in Arcola, Texas for Hi-Point Moderately Active Dry Dog Food. We are proud to serve Fort Bend and surrounding Counties for any and all pet needs. Have questions? Be sure to contact us and a helpful member of our staff will reach out to you.


Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Protein, not less than 21.0 %

Crude Fat, not less than 10.0 %

Crude Fiber, not more than 4.5 %

Moisture, not more than 12.0 %


Dog’s food consumption is influenced by their activity, the environmental temperature, and their size and breed. Start by feeding your dog the amount indicated on the chart for their weight and adjust in accordance with their appetite and body condition. Lactating females and extremely active dogs may consume twice or more times the amount of food indicated for their weight on the chart. Once per day feeding is adequate for dogs over six months of age. Always provide clean fresh water. PUPPIES: Hi-Point Adult Dog Food should be offered to puppies as early as they will nibble at solid food (usually around three weeks of age). Use at first a moistened gruel-like mixture containing two parts food to one part warm milk or water. Gradually reduce the amount of liquid in the mix until feeding dry food. Puppies and growing dogs should be fed all they will consume (approximately two times the amount of food indicated for their weight on the chart) in two or three feedings per day until they are about six months old. Their food allowance in relation to weight should then be gradually reduced. Maintain puppies in lean muscular condition until they are mature through proper food allowance and exercise.

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