Poultry Feed & Supplements


If you’re in need of chicken feed and supplies for your backyard flock, Arcola Feed carries a wide range of high-quality poultry feed from brands like Purina, Family Flock, and more.

We stock everything from starter feed to supplements, specialty treats, and even supplies including heat lamps, waterers & feeders, chicken coops, and more.

Do you have layers? Browse our selection of chicken feed that will provide the best nutrition for producing quality eggs. Concerned about starting off your chicks with the right nutrients? We have a wide range of starter/grower feeds that will provide the right combination of ingredients for your chicks. No matter your need our expert staff will guide you towards the right brand and feed to keep your backyard flock happy for years to come.

Be sure to ask about our supply of show feed if you currently show poultry or are interested in getting started! Our staff has decades of experience showing livestock and will use their expertise to get your flock show ready in no time.

You can browse some of our poultry feed selection below by clicking on the manufacturers below. Have questions? Simply contact us and a helpful member of our staff will guide you towards the right feed. Feel free to stop in to our store located in Arcola, Texas for our full stock of poultry feed and supplies.