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two dogs, Duke and Mouse, in a round cement container outside.

Welcome to our blog, The Feed Scoop. Here you will find helpful articles about lawn care, pest control, equine and cattle health, and of course tips and tricks for keeping your pets happy and healthy.

We love our customers and are eager to feature some of their stories here as well. If you love all things agriculture, animal, or even just want stay up to date with the goings on of Arcola Feed, make sure you follow our blog posts.



Gyro Recipe

Gyro Recipe Time! I recently made a FABULOUS and wonderful dinner that was also super easy: Greek meatball gyros with home made tzatziki sauce! I used elk meat, but you...

Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother's Day to all you mothers out there! I would like to put a special shout out to TWO VERY IMPORTANT mothers in my life, my mom, and my...

Continued Supply Chain Issues

Continued Supply Chain Issues: I KNOW everyone is tired of hearing about problems in the "supply chain," but it is a REAL THING! There has been an Avian Flu outbreak....