Wildlife Feed

Buck in fieldHere in Arcola, Texas we understand the importance of high-quality wildlife feed and products. That’s why Arcola Feed carries a wide selection of wildlife products. Whether you’re prepping for hunting season or are just looking for that perfect wild bird feeder, we have you covered. Our expert staff can help you find the right product for all of your wildlife needs.

Set yourself up for success during hunting season and beyond with deer feed from Purina, Mad Buck, and Thomas Moore. Arcola Feed carries a wide range of products including free range deer feed, supplements, attractants, and more.

If you’re looking to attract more birds and other wildlife, browse our wide selection of wild bird seed from top brands like Thomas Moore. We carry a large assortment of wild bird feeds ranging from 3 pounds to 50 pound bags. Interested in attracting hummingbirds? Arcola Feed stocks hummingbird mixes as well as feeders. We also carry wild bird feeders and birdhouses to spruce up your garden. Worried about those pesky squirrels getting into your bird feed? Arcola Feed also carries corn cobs for squirrels to distract them from your feeders!

Whatever wildlife supplies or feed you’re looking for, Arcola Feed is your go-to source. You can browse some of our wildlife feed selection below by clicking on the manufacturer.

Have questions? Simply contact us and a helpful member of our staff will guide you towards the right feed. If you’d like to browse in person, please stop in to our store located in Arcola, Texas for our full stock of wildlife supplies and feed.