Fort Bend Master Gardeners

If you live in Fort Bend county, or one of the surrounding counties, you may have heard of Fort Bend Master Gardeners. FBMG is a group of volunteers who have teamed together back in 1989 to help other gardeners with growing successful fruits, vegetables, flowers and more.

FBMG is part of the Texas Master Gardeners program which was developed by Texas AgriLife Extension Service. The Fort Bend AgriLife Extension office is located just south of the Fort Bend County Fair Grounds in Rosenberg.

This is a wonderful organization, and their website is CHOCK FULL of useful and timely information. They have been hosting zoom meetings since Covid, and the next one is next weekend. “Grow Your Own Fruit Trees” will cover all the information you need to know to get your fruit trees off to the right start. Topics include selection, proper planting, including time and location, problems and solutions.

This Fort Bend Master Gardeners meeting will be an hour and a half long, starting at 9 am and lasting until 10:30. Cost is $15. Gather your favorite drink, a snack, a pen, some paper! Learn all about growing fruit trees in your own yard! Register at Even if you don’t plan on watching the zoom meeting, check out the website!

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