Himalayan Salt Available

Himalayan SaltNew products are always available at Arcola Feed.   One recent addition to our lineup is a line of culinary Himalayan salt.   We have brought in Akma salt, which is mined in the Punjab region of Pakistan.  While we have carried their livestock sale line for quite a while, we decided to take the dive and bring in some of their other offerings.

We have course salt, in several sizes from 5.21 ounces and up that includes a grinder top starting at $2.19 a bottle. We also have fine ground salt in a variety of packing as well. Come in and pick up a package of this beautiful pink goodness today!

Salt is not just for food.  There are many other uses, including cleaning your glass coffee pot (add some ice cubes and salt, give it a few vigorous swirls, and a rinse);  a warm saltwater gargle can help with a sore throat; and try mixing a little olive oil with some salt and rubbing it on your mosquito bites to dull the itch.  A paste made from salt and water can also soothe the itch of poison ivy.