Marine Corps Birthday

Marine Corps BirthdayMarine Corps Birthday: On this day 247 years ago, the Marine Corps were founded to help serve and protect our country. Originally, they were founded as the Continental Marines. However, in 1798 the name was officially changed to the United States Marine Corps.

Some fun facts: Currently there are over 180,000 active personnel serving in the USMC. Their motto “Semper Fidelis” is Latin for always faithful. In addition, did you know that the English Bulldog is the mascot for the United States Marine Corps? This mascot was selected after World War I. It represents the Marine Corps. A poster was released featuring a bulldog wearing a U.S. helmet. He was seen chasing a fleeing Dachshund in a German helmet. Accordingly, Germans referred to Marines during WWI a Teufel-hunden which means devil dog in German.

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