National Hot Dog Day!

Today is National Hot Dog Day! And who doesn’t love a good hot dog on a hot summer day? Arcola Feed does! It’s the middle of the week, so what better way to celebrate a day than with an easy to prepare meal that even the kids will love!

Beef, chicken, pork, a sausage, or even an “impossible hot dog” (but, why would you?) Everyone can fix their own, and put on it what they like! Add some chips, and paper plates, and you have an easy to clean up after dinner feast!

At our house, we pretty much put everything on ours! Chili, cheese, mayo, mustard AND ketchup, onions, relish, you name it, it goes on the hot dog at our house! Make a fun time out of it and picnic in the back yard! Or, throw a blanket down on the living room floor and have an indoor picnic!

Let the kids pick a movie and make it a movie night, or play a game of Life, cards, checkers, dominoes, battleship or whatever you have! It’s summer time, the kids are out of school, let them stay up late, and have some family fun! Enjoy you National Hot Dog Day!