New Products at Arcola Feed

one of the new products at arcola feed, a white bottle that looks like shampoo with a purple label titled Sullivans Hydrator Nourishing ConditionerOnce again, we have brought in new products at Arcola Feed for our customers! Lots of new things across the store for the summer!

We have added to our Royal Canin dog food line. Arcola Feed now carries breed specific diets for Labrador Retrievers, German Shepherds, Chihuahuas, Yorkshire Terriers and more.

We are also now stocking Missing Link treats! Missing Link options include Calm And Focus, Skin And Coat, and Hips and Joints.

We also now have bermuda grass seed available in an easy to use 1 pound bag. So, if you need to fill in some dead spots, or thicken up some thin spots in your yard, drop by and get a bag.

Out in the warehouse, we have added 3 strand timothy hay bales. These are big HEAVY beautiful bales. Your horses will LOVE THESE! I have been feeding them to my goats, and there is zero waste!

We have recently added Sullivans Hydrator Nourishing Conditioner to our livestock aisle. This is a great additive to your livestock summer grooming. It is specifically formulated to replace natural oils and vitamins in the hair and coat that can be lost from the heat, sweating and additional summer grooming.

We hope you enjoy the new products at Arcola Feed!