New Purina Hen Treats Available

Farm to Flock Hen TreatsWe recently brought in a few new chicken treats for all of you backyard poultry lovers. Larvae for Ladies and Protein Blend For Hens are both made by the fine folks at Purina Mills. These treats are available in 2 lb and 7.5lb sizes at Arcola Feed. Larvae For Ladies is actually whole black soldier fly larvae, which, I am ALMOST CERTAIN this may sound disgusting to you, but your flock will LOVE IT! Protein Blend For Hens is packed full of the yummy goodness of wheat, safflower, peas, papaya, a protein-packed nugget, and more.

Farm to Flock Hen TreatsWhile neither of these is meant to be a complete diet, they are both a great addition to your daily feeding routine and a great add-on to the Purina Layena product line of feeds available at Arcola Feed.  Whether you prefer to feed crumbles or pellets, 25 pounds, 50 pounds, and now available in 10-pound bags, too. Don’t forget, we also carry flock blocks!    Recommended feeding rate is up to 2 tablespoons of treats per bird per day.  Spoil THEM, NOT their diet.