November Gardening Tips: Invasive Species Spotted in Houston

November Gardening Tips: Spotted Lantern Fly Invasive Species in HoustonNovember Gardening Tips: Invasive Species Spotted in Houston. According to Texas A&M AgriLife Extension, an invasive Spotted Lanternfly was spotted in Houston. While the exact details haven’t been determined, this would be one of the first instances in which this pest was found in the state.

This species can cause a wide range of damage to plants. This species is native to China and was first spotted in Pennsylvania. The problem with the species is that is feeds on a variety of other species, including fruit and ornamentals. This means that Lanternflies feed on trees ranging from Apple, Peach, Plum and even Pine Trees.

The main concern with the Spotted Lanternfly is that the pest could lead to severe impacts in the United State’s grape and logging industries. The spotted lanternfly can not travel far distances. However, it is mainly spread by people and animals moving debris-containing-eggs. Always keep your eye out. In addition, if you see the pest, always take a photo and report it to Texas AgriLife. 

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