Shop Winter Horse Blankets

Horse wearing a winter horse blanket Winter horse blankets are in stock at Arcola Feed store!   We have a nice selection of 600D nylon waterproof blankets in stock and ready for your horses!  Denier refers to the durability of the nylon, and ranges from just over 200 to well over 1600!   The higher the denier, the tighter the weave of the nylon, which helps resist rips and tears.

Not sure what size horse blanket you need?   Blankets, like shoes, come in a variety of sizes and need to be properly fitted.  A blanket that is too tight will rub out your horse’s hair, and a blanket that is too loose is dangerous!   To measure your horse for a blanket, get a fabric tape measure, or even a string.  Start in the middle of the chest, and go across to the point of the shoulder, and straight down the middle of the horse’s barrel, making sure to keep the string level, and across the point of the hip to where the string touches the tail.  Take that measurement in inches, and that is the size blanket you need.

Our winter horse blankets are European sizes, so they are in increments of 3 inches, starting at 63 inches and going through 84.    So, if your horse measures, 74″ you will need to go to a 75.

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