Today is Thanksgiving

Today is Thanksgiving Today is Thanksgiving! Today is one of those few holidays we look forward to every year. Well unless you’re the one cooking for the family and having to clean up afterwards.

The United States celebrated it since 1619. Although the date has changed some, the idea of hosting a feast to give thanks to the years harvest. Interestingly enough, this holiday is celebrated across the globe. For example, in Canada, Liberia and even Brazil.

An interesting fact: the date of observance for Thanksgiving use to vary state to state. It wasn’t until 1863 when Abraham Lincoln proclaimed the modern Thanksgiving take place on the final Thursday in November. He was convinced to make is a National holiday by Josepha Hale. Hale wrote “Mary has a little Lamb”.

It is also quite interesting, that on Thanksgiving, it is estimated that approximately 46 million turkeys and about 500,000 pumpkin pies are eaten each year.

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