Try Pill-A-Pet

Try Pill-A-PetGetting your pets to take meds is tough, try Pill-A-Pet! We all know how much of a challenge it can be to get your dog to take their medications, even if you wrap it up in cheese or coat it in peanut butter. Most of the time they will just spit it right back out. This is one of the many reasons we started carrying Pill-a-Pet! It is an amazing product to help you medicate your pet.

Pill-a-Pet is a great product because it is bacon flavored, which is super appetizing to almost any pet. A bonus is that Pill-a-Pet also contains important probiotics to help keep your pets G.I. Tract happy.

One thing I always like to recommend when you try a new way to hide your pets medications is to give them the first sample without any medications. This way they get to really taste the first bite of Pill-a-Pet without there being any medications in it. Using this trick will generally get your pet to hopefully scarf down the next one. The next one containing the medications your pet needs.

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