What Does the Post-Drought Market Mean for Cattle Producers?

What Does the Post-Drought Market Mean for Cattle Producers?What does the Post-Drought Market mean for Cattle Producers? As we all know, Texas has been experiencing some significant drought weather this year and with this, came troubling circumstances for cattle producers across the state. Many of those involved in the cattle industry saw a large majority of animals being sold off at markets. This helped to help combat the increased cost of feed and lack of rain.

According to Texas A&M AgriLife, we should be seeing a shift in weather patterns come the first of the year, hopefully this means we will get some much-needed rain this winter and spring. Some of the most knowledgeable cattle experts recommend producers preparing for winter. This helps to keep their overhead cost low until spring arrives. It is expected that cattle prices will rise once again. As long as producers are keeping productivity in mind, they should see an improved return on investment next year.

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