Woody’s Smart Treats

We recently brought in two new lines of horse treats at Arcola Feed.

Woody’s Smart Treats, are available in four flavors, Peppermint, Carrot, Apple, and Fenugreek. These treats are formulated with an alfalfa and beet pulp source, which makes them a healthy treat for your horse. These grain-free, low-starch treats are high in fiber.  Available in a 5-pound resealable bag, as well as a 15-pound bag.

Also available at Arcola Feed is a CBD treat for horses. Re-vita + EQ snacks contain marshmallow root, slippery elm bark, and 1500 mg of CBD.  If your horse is experiencing anxiety issues such as stall walking, weaving or other boredom-related problems, give the Re-vita + EQ snacks a try.   CBD can help calm your nervous horse, making his life, and your life much happier.  Available in a 15-ounce resealable bag, containing 30 treats.