Bluebonnet Poultry Conditioner 16%

Bluebonnet Poultry Conditioner 16% in orange bag with roosterBluebonnet Premium Poultry Conditioner 16% is a select combination of high-quality grains and other ingredients. Formulated to help meet and maintain the nutritional requirements of adult game poultry.  This ration is fortified with protein, energy, vitamins, and minerals to ensure the ultimate conditioning and fortitude.

Select a balanced combination of high-quality polished and triple cleaned grains, prebiotics, probiotics, minerals, vitamins, and other important nutrients.

Stop in to Arcola Feed located in Arcola, Texas for your supply of Bluebonnet Poultry Conditioner 16%. We are proud to serve Fort Bend and surrounding Counties for any and all livestock needs. Have questions? Be sure to contact us and a helpful member of our staff will reach out to you.


Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Protein Min 16.00%
Lysine Min 0.70%
Methionine Min 0.23%
Crude Fat Min 3.00%
Crude Fiber Max 6.0%
Calcium Min 0.90R
Phosphorus Min 0.40%
Salt Min 0.50%
Sal Mzx 0.55%
Zinc Min 110 ppm
Manganese Min 100 ppm
Copper Min 18 ppm
Selenium Min 0.3 ppm
Vitamin A Min 3,000 IU/lb
Vitamin D Min 1,000 IU/lb
Vitamin E Min 20.0 IU/lb
Vitamin B12 Min 30.0 mcg/lb
Panthothenic Acid Min 6.0 mg/b
Thiamine Min 1.0 mg/lb
Pyridoxine Min 2.0 mg/lb
Riboflavin Min 1.0 mg/lb
Choline Min 20 mg/lb



Follow instructions for feeding on bag.

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